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DARPA Cheetah Sets Speed Record for Legged Robots

This video released by DARPA, the far-out Pentagon’s research agency, shows “Cheetah” breaking the speed record for legged robots. Cheetah is made by Boston Dynamics, the company that developed BigDog, AlphaDog, and PETMAN. This is what ICRAC’s Noel Sharkey has to say about it on the BBC website: “With faster than human speed, this is […]

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US Navy Developing Pilotless Drones

From the January 26, 2012 Los Angeles Times, “New drone has no pilot anywhere, so who’s accountable?” by W.J. Hennigan The X-47B marks a paradigm shift in warfare, one that is likely to have far-reaching consequences. With the drone’s ability to be flown autonomously by onboard computers, it could usher in an era when death […]

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“Robot Wars” Documentary

From Aljazeera’s series “Fault Lines”, an in-depth look at the adoption and use of drones and robotic weaponry by the U.S. military.

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