ICRAC and the responsible robotics revolution

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ICRAC works for the regulation of robotic weapon systems and is committed to the peaceful use of robotic technology. To further pursue this latter goal, ICRAC’s Noel Sharkey co-founded the Foundation for Responsible Robotics. In a recently published piece on Research Fortnight, Sharkey and Aimee van Wynsberghe write:

The robotics revolution will have a disruptive impact on our work places, streets and homes. Yet governments and corporations are paying little more than lip service to the potential societal and ethical hazards. […] This is why we have co-founded the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, together with more than 20 of the world’s leading technology scholars, writers and roboticists. […] We aim to develop codes of conduct for responsible and accountable research, design and manufacturing practices. We will assist in and advocate for the formation of national and international policy and for the generation of regulations and laws. […] It is vitally important for the foundation to promote ethical and societal principles of fairness and justice to set robotics on the path to a successful future.

Read more at Research Fortnight and visit the Responsible Robotics website.


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