ICRAC Podcast Episode #5: Human Rights with Rasha Abdul Rahim and Dr Steve Wright (CCW Special 5/6)

This is episode 5 of 6 in the CCW Special that kicks off the new official ICRAC Podcast series. Click here to listen to CCW Special 1/6 and CCW Special 2/6 and CCW Special 3/6 and CCW Special 4/6,

The guests in this episode are Rasha Abdul Rahim, campaigner in the Arms Control, Security Trade and Human Rights Team at Amnesty International and Dr Steve Wright from Leeds Beckett University who has more than 30 years under his belt working on the proliferation of the technologies of human control. Steve is ICRAC’s specialist on Less Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LLAWS).

We talk about how LLAWS could come back from conflict zones to haunt civil society and we discuss the inherent dangers for policing, border control and the suppression of populations.  Rasha also introduces the new Amnesty International report – Autonomous Weapons Systems: five key human rights issues for  See also the Amnesty International report on the impact of less lethal weapons

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